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The Neil Moore Collection of Saratoga & Saratoga type bottles. (part 2)
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Catalog Lot 90

Auction Local Time: Mar 29, 2023 12:19:49 EDT

90. “WHITE SULPHUR SPRINGS / GREENBRIER / W.VA.”, (Tucker, M-60), West Virginia, ca. 1864 - 1875, medium bluish green tall quart, smooth base, applied tapered collar mouth.

Cleaned to its original luster, but retains a number of tiny imperfections.

This is the later of the White Sulphur Water bottles, blown after West Virginia broke away from Virginia in 1863 to become our 35th state.

Winning Bid: $ 190 (7 Bids)

Estimate: $ 180 - $ 220

Bidding Ended

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